Soulmate Workshop – Dissolve The Ties To Past Lovers

I am ready!

I am ready!

Does a past lover have a grip on your heart?  

Does a relationship that’s “over” still make you feel sad, used or betrayed?

Do you keep finding partners that start out good and end up making you feel abandoned, used or unattractive?

Have you lost a beloved soulmate and can’t bear to move on?

Do you settle for the same disappointing and even dangerous sexual/emotional patterns over and again?

Do you ask yourself….WHY can’t I find my soul mate?

Well, the answer may be in any betrayal, abuse, physical or emotional abandonment, low self-esteem or mistrust of men/sex that you have internalized up until this point.

In this workshop you will celebrate more magnetism, sensual receptivity, personal power,  confident intimacy building skills and emotional balance than ever before.

Here is what you can expect:

Clear and release the painful impact of past lovers

Reclaim personal power from broken relationships

Restore a tangible self-respect and new understanding for your essence as a being.

Prepare to either enjoy a new lover or your current lover with greater emotional intimacy, more expansive and present sexuality, deeper trust and love

$40 for 2 hour workshop
Tuesday, February 16
6:00 to 8:00 pm
Facilitated by Catherine Behan M.S. an EFT Master Coach (Emotional Freedom Technique) with a specialty in clearing blocks to Love and Money.  She is certified in Reiki and Theta Healing and is also a Law of Attraction Expert.  Catherine has over 500 articles posted online in the love and romance genre.

New Energy Treatment – Crystal Reiki

Crystal Reiki

Crystal Reiki

Crystal Reiki Healing Treatments

A gifted Crystal and Gemstone Healer certified in Reiki, Carol Carlson creates deeply personal and soothing healing sessions for her clients.  From the moment you come into her space, you will feel pampered.  Once you have a short consultation to let Carol know what issues are troubling you, she selects crystals and gem stones to use during your session.

To receive your treatment, you recline on a massage table. fully clothed. Carol has a blanket handy in case you get chilled.  Crystals are then placed on your body.  You are whisked away to bliss as the gentle Reiki energy washes over and through you.

Carol Carlson

Carol Carlson


Carol is available on Thursday afternoons.  Sessions are $75 per hour. Call 619-465-3005 to make an appointment.  Carol also has extensive experience doing Reiki treatments on both wild and domestic animals.

Mediumship 101 with Rev. Elivia Melodey

Elivia Melodey

Elivia Melodey

Would you like to develop your sensitivities to unseen energies and learn how to safely connect with your inner guidance, guides and angels? Then this class is for you.

At this hands-on introductory class students will learn to work with their own energy bodies to open up to their natural claire senses which we all have! It will include an overview of the laws and ethics governing mediumship, the universal laws, chakras and protection as well as the various phase of mental and physical mediumship.

Mediumship Workshop

Mediumship Workshop

Each class will have a guided meditation where you’ll learn how to connect with your Guides and Angels to give and receive messages. We will also practice with some of the many tools used to give readings. Feel empowered as you discover how to fine tune your abilities. This is a six week class. Cost is $35 per class, payable day of.

  • Class 1: Feb 13, 9-Noon  At Class 1 we will meet our inner band of Guides, practice psychometry – and more!
  • Class 2: Feb 27, 9-Noon  At Class 2 we will connect with our Master Teacher, practice billets – and more! 
  • Class 3: March 12, 9-Noon  At Class 3 we will connect with our Spiritual Advisor, practice ribbon readings – and more! 
  • Class 4: March 26, 9-Noon  At Class 4 we will connect with our Master Healer, practice reading other’s energy field for heal and healing – and more!
  • Class 5: April 9, 9-Noon  At Class 5 we will connect with our Protector, practice wax readings – and more!
  • Class 6: April 30, 9-Noon  At Class 6 we will connect with our Joy Guides, do flower readings – and more!

Bio for Rev. Elivia Melodey

Dubbed  “The Angel Whisperer” by Awareness Magazine, Elivia Melodey developed her innate ability to read energy dowsing as a child. She has been an ordained Spiritualist minister since 1985 and has served as the Director of Education for Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association.  A gifted conscious trance medium and clairvoyant, she has the ability to communicate with those who have crossed over as well as with many other Light realms. She is also an internationally acclaimed recording artist whose channeled angelic music is used in healing and spiritual centres round the world. Her expertise is highlighted in the documentary film, “Vibration for Healing – Sounds that Heal” She holds numerous Masters level certifications for an array of Energy Healing Practices, and is a Board certified Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapist.

Rev. Elivia is a keynote & workshop presenter for many Spiritually based National Conferences. Over the last 30 years she has held numerous on-going classes and workshops on Spiritual development and healing as well as working with thousands of private clients. To learn more visit:

Spend Sunday Mornings At The Myztic Isle

Your Angels Love You!

Your Angels Love You!

Welcome to the “new” Myztic Isle.  We are so excited to be updating our systems and putting things into place to better serve you.  2016 is already off to a rocking start.  I don’t know about you, but I am noticing a lot of shifting going on…from all sides!

One of the things I am most excited about is our re-launch of the Sunday morning Angel Meditations With Joanne.  Previously held on Wednesday nights, we are pleased to bring this weekly gathering back to Sunday mornings at 10 am.

Would you like to know more about Angels?

Are you aware of the Angel’s guidance in your life?

Please join us every Sunday at 10 am sharp and learn to communicate with Angels through meditation and Oracle Cards.  You will receive a Divine Message just for you to help you understand your life path.  Expect healing and miracles!  Love donation welcomed for this offering.

Should you wish to set up a Spiritual Counseling session, you can book a session with me after the Sunday meditation or by appointment during the week.  Your Angel guides always have messages for you.  Together we will call forth your guardians from the Angelic realm to grant you personal divine messages and healing.  Sessions are $90 for one hour.

Lastly, if you have any ideas for classes you would like to see presented at the Myztic Isle or any other questions for me about the Angelic realm, please leave a comment below and let me know.

Hope to see you soon!

The Myztic Isle

An island of tranquility best describes this lifelong dream of Joanne Lakin’s. Her goal, since a young age, has been to create a healing environment that provides knowledge as well as therapies for the mind, body and soul. Her work is actually a continuation of what the original owners started in 1995. Joanne has brought with her a love and compassion for the community in which she lives. You can feel what makes Myztic Isle Bookstore & Healing Center different, when you walk through the door.

Chairs arranged in a circle for anyone wanting to relax and read or talk with those who gather there. This Circle of Friendship as Joanne calls it, is the heart of Myztic Isle. Peace concerts, weekly Healing and Meditation groups & Psychic Fairs are a few of the ongoing events that enriches all those who attend.

Psychic Readers are available daily to help you to understand and enhance your life. Also you will find in the store: metaphysical and health books, music, candles, unique jewelry, crystal balls & crystals, aromatherapy oils, incense, clothing, tarot cards, pendulums and a variety of unusual gifts can be found as well as beautiful art, altar objects and statues. New items are added weekly, you never know what you will find there.

People have said, “you always find what you need at Myztic Isle and a lot of what you want”